Techsolids in collaboration with AINIA held past November 19th the Techsolids Conference on “Management and control of solids in the food industry” in the head office of AINIA in Paterna (Valencia). Attended 142 professionals from all over Spain who highly appreciated both the content of the Techsolids conference as networking among attendees at the nearly two hours that were for this purpose (breakfast, lunch and between conference and conference). This combination of information and personal relationships is the aim of the Techsolids conferences. We give thanks to the collaboration of: AINIA, ITC, FIAB and technical journals: Alimentaria, Industria Alimentaria, Tecnoalimen, Alimarket and Tecnifood.


We also noticed of this Techsolids conference, the dinners that were held with the presence of representatives of the Techsolids members companies. Successful convening. The dinner on November 18th attended 38 people and the one on November 19th 16 people. We must highlight the excellent atmosphere and great complicity between all the attendants.