The Archimedys® modular screw has helped the managers at a hazelnut drying facility solving different problems with maintenance costs. The high wear out rate which the screws had to endure in contact with the nutshells, used to be a major headache.

Safer-tech has installed 6 screws, 4m long, 150 mm in diameter each. The Archimedys modular screw, with individual modules, allows to easily replace those areas with higher wear rate: no whole screw has to be manufactured as a spare part to be stored awaiting the moment when a breakage takes place. That means saving time and money.

Among the advantages of the Archimedys modular screw, the following stand out:

–        Higher duration compared to conventional screws in most applications,
–        Higher resistance to chemical attacks and corrosion,
–        Lower noise level due to a gentler friction between static and moving parts,
–        Higher resistance to impact,
–        Easy to replace due to low its weight and modularity: it is no longer necessary to use cranes or to have whole spare screws for emergency cases. Just some modules in storage will be enough to solve breakages by replacing large screws in a simple and cheap way.