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Technological Offer for the Management of Solids of


in the Food Industry

Offer of the company in the Food Industry


For more than 70 years FILTRATEX - Testori Group have been providing the life science industry with high quality products for wet filtration and drying of: pharmaceuticals, drugs, agrochemicals, vitamins and other nutritional additives. We supply:

- filter bags, pockets and octopus bags used in fluid bed dryers process filters (industrial micronization)
- centrifuge bags, inverting centrifuge bags, liners and related fabrics for the solid powder recovery
- discs and bags (ex. Dryer discs and Gaf bags) for pressure filters

The wide offer includes: antistatic felts and fabrics, special treatments of impregnation, coatings, PTFE membranes and microfibers. The main fibers used are polypropylene, polyester, fluoropolymers, polyamide and cotton. All our fabrics conform to the most exigent norms at present for Food and Pharma industry.

The use of Testori's products in the food & agrochemical industry has proved to be particularly successful in many fields:
Animal and vegetable oils purification
Production of oil for biofuel (ex. Palm oil)
Pasta & biscuits drying
Gluten & starch
Wine & beer: juice filtration and lees dehydration (including brewer's yeast dehydration)
Polishing of alcoholic solutions
Food acids (tartaric acid): filtration of distillate, Sugar, etc.

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