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Technological Offer for the Management of Solids of

ASSEMBLY Conveying Systems, S.L.

in the Food Industry

Offer of the company in the Food Industry

ASSEMBLY Conveying Systems, S.L.

ASSEMBLY is specialized in providing conveying solutions for this exciting industry by offering solutions of intelligent modernization for your facilities, as well as projects tailored to your requirements. No project is too big or too small for us; we are equally passionate about each and every one of them.
Achieving high productivity levels in meat industry might be a decisive factor that makes many companies competitive. Conveying solutions play an important role in contributing to this objective: stacking and packaging belts, tray unstackers, stuffers, sealers / packers, portioning and forming machines, while number and variety of conveyor systems are of utmost importance.
Other submarket where ASSEMBLY has a wide range of solutions and probably, there might be few industries in which conveying solutions present so much added value as in wine industry, which involves processes like constant movement unloading harvested grapes, de-stemming and crushing, racking during wine processing and finally bottling and orders dispatching.
In short, ASSEMBLY has conveying solutions in any food subsector, fruit, fish, meat, chocolates, oil, pasta,..., check our capacities and possibilities.

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