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Technological Offer for the Management of Solids of

NERAK Fördertechnik

in the Food Industry

Offer of the company in the Food Industry

NERAK Fördertechnik

In Nerak Fördertechnik Spain, S.L. We offer all types of conveyors for the food industry whether these are for solid bulk products or packaged products.
We are specialists for the transport of delicate products.
Our wide range of conveyors unites processes and deliver and move products, continuously and accurately and at the right time.
We offer a high range of solutions in
Conveyors of solid bulks type:
- High performance bucket elevators for delicate products.
- Pendulum bucket elevators with exact dosing systems per destination.
- Tubular transport by chain for complex routes and infinity of products like abrasives, toxic, explosive or sticky and high temperature materials.
- Mobile transport systems for loading trucks, wagons, silos, etc.
- Vacuum conveyor and system feeders for all types of purulent material, pigments, granules, small volume additives.
- Pneumatic transport by air pressure.
- Rotating ceramic coated valves for maximum hygiene.

Pallet elevators, packages and space solutions:
- Pallet lift up to 2500 Kg payload.
- High speed Box elevator.
- Elevators with collection in multiple levels and destinations.
- Underwater and long-distance transporters.
Ask us, we have the solution to your project.

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