About the company

We are manufacturers of a wide range of Aspiration and Filtration systems, for the transport of dust by aspiration for subsequent filtration, separating the contaminant and allowing clean air to pass to the outside, using the appropriate medium based on the characteristics of the powder.

One of our main objectives is to obtain a supply of quality products and services that meet not only the legal requirements but also the requirements imposed by our customers and by society as a whole. to this end, we periodically establish and review the objectives and the aspirations with the main purpose of improving uninterruptedly and preventing pollution.

Our objective: to establish the minimal requirements for the protection of the health and safety of workers who may be exposed to risks arised from explosive atmospheres in the workplace.

ATEX CERTIFICATE: Owning this certificate equipment means that your equipment is safe. Atex Filtración is confident for obtaining the Tüv Nord- Cualicontrol ce



ATEX rules consulting

Automation and process control of powdery

BIG-BAG Unloaders

Bag unloaders

Broken bag detectors

Change Filters




Dust cartridges

Dust control installations

Dust filters

Dust separators

Explosion protection equipment

Filtering centrifuges, decanters, continuous, automatic

Filtration Plants


Flexible connections

Flexibles Connectors

Hopper pant

Industrial ventilation

Pipe assembly

Pipe bends

Pipe bends anti-abrasion

Plastics for plants and machinery

Sensors and level switches for solids

Silos Components

Silos debug accessories

Stainless Steel Tanks

Suction cleaners


Turnkey Installation

Unloaders of powders (vessels, silos, trucks, etc)


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