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STIF IBERICA.SL 2008, is the Spanish subsidiary of STIF, which is located in western France, near the city of Angers, 80 km from the port of Nantes-ST-Nazaire. The factory is about 10,000 m2.
With the aim of maintaining its technological advance, It is equipped with the most modern equipments of production.

The company is specialized in the design and the manufacture of accessories and components for handling bulk products.
Thanks to a constant dynamic at the international level, STIF has gained a solid international reputation, exporting to more than 70 countries.

STIF IBERICA.SL is a commercial technical subsidiary located at 30 km in the south of Barcelona,

The main products are:

  • JET: Components for bucket elevators: buckets, Screws, Safety Sensors.
  • EURAC: Compression couplings, bends, connectors.
  • VIGILEX: Vent panels, Flameless.
  • VIGI FLAP: Flap-valve.
  • MANUVRAC: Pipe systems, Flap diverter, slide valves, flanches, elbow.
  • NOVAPORTE: Sealed inspection doors, safety valves, manholes.
  • VIGIFLUX: Magnetic separators.
  • SILAIR: Ventilation grilles and tunnels.


Active - passive valve

Automatic Regulator Gate

Bucket elevators

Bursting discs

Components for transport plants



Fire special valves

Manual Regulator Gate

Pipe bends

Plastics for plants and machinery

Sensors and level switches for solids

Silos Components

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