About the company

ROS DUCTING, S.L.U. is a strictly family-based company which was founded in the year 1867 and has always specialized in the manufacture of pipes and accessories with a contemporary modular joint ducting system.

Our standard products are made from galvanized and stainless steel and manufactured in diameters range between 80 mm and 1,250 mm and thicknesses range between 0,6 mm and 1,2 mm Custom-made products are also available. Applications include dust and smoke removal, oil mist extraction and exhaust air system for filters and ciclones.

Besides, this modular ducting system is very used for transportation and distribution of bulk solids in manufacturing processes. Finally, these goods are also suitable for industrial ventilation technology.

Our manufactured product is the perfect complement in most of the industrial sectors such as metalworking, textile, paper, milling, wood, cork, food, pet-food, recycling, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, etc. Since 2009 the company is the exclusive distributor in Spain, Portugal and North of Africa for the reinforced pipe 2 and 3 mm. in powder coated, hot dip galvanized and stainless steel of the German manufaturer KMH (KAMMANN METALLBAU GMBH) suitable for chemistry, pharma and food industries.



Automatic Regulator Gate

Automatic Throttle Valves

Butterfly valves

Clamping Rings For Sealing Ring



Dust control installations

Dust filters


Engineering and construction of solids and bulk materials plants

Filtration Plants


Guillotine valve for solid

Hopper pant

Industrial ventilation

Inspection Pipes

Manual Regulator Gate

Manual Throttle Valves

Pipe bends


Pneumatic Transport

Pneumatical conveying system

Powder transfer systems

Quick Lock Clamp. Ring For Sealing Ring

Two Way Valves

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