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Kinetrol designs, manufactures and assembles part turn actuators, associated control equipment and actuated valve packages.

For over 50 years Kinetrol has continuously developed and extended its actuator range to meet market demand for increasingly sophisticated and accurate process control and monitoring equipment.

The company now offers a complete range of control accessories to complement its range of 16 actuator models, with torque outputs from 0.1 Nm to over 19,000 Nm. Around 85% of sales are made to customers outside of the UK through a network of independent distributors and five subsidiaries in Spain, China, France, Germany and the USA.

The company continues to grow its engineering and production capacities and Kinetrol’s manufacturing is now vertically integrated from casting/moulding to final assembly/test.

The company operates a rigorous quality programme which includes 100% functional testing and serial number traceability and its quality system is approved to ISO 9001:2008. The firm’s manufacturing procedures are also regularly audited according to ATEX and SIL requirements and by FM.


Automatic Throttle Valves

Butterfly valves

Ceramic ball valve for solids

Level indicators

Manual Throttle Valves

Measuring equipment

Pressure measurement

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