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About the company

HAVER & BOECKER is a German company with more than 130 years of experience providing packing and filling solutions worldwide, with leading brands and technologies in different business areas such as the chemical industry, the construction sector or the agro-food industry, among others.

Under the HAVER & BOECKER brand we have manual packers, semi-automatic and fully automated systems in formats from 1 to 50 kg for paper valve bags, open mouth bags, as well as solutions in plastic (FFS) and Big Bags.

Our brands:

  • HAVER & BOECKER: Tailor-made packing solutions for industries as diverse as the cement, chemical, mineral or construction materials industry, among others.
  • BEHN + BATES: Specific packing solutions for the agro-food industry.
  • FEIGE FILLING: Filling machines for liquid and pasty products.
  • SOMMER: Mixing solutions for treatment and packaging.
  • NEWTEC BAG PALLETIZING: Automatic solutions for the end of line (palletizers)
  • IBAU HAMBURG: Solutions for the storage and handling of solids.
  • HAVER & TYLER: Solutions for screening, washing and classification of aggregates.



ATEX rules consulting

Automation and process control of powdery

BIG-BAG Unloaders

Bag unloaders

Bagging machines

Bagging scales

Centrifugal screeners

Circular screeners

Dosing and weighing system

FIBC filling and empting equipment

Filling equipment ( machines )

Fine sieving equipment

Gravimetric dosing system

Gravimetric  Dose

Laboratory sieves

Load Cells


Mixing equipment

Packaging plants

Palletizing and overpack (pallet packing) systems

Palletizing machines



Sieving devices

Silos and Bunkers

Turnkey Installation

Unloaders of powders (vessels, silos, trucks, etc)

Weighing equipment (controllers)

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