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EKONEK supplies turn-key based drying systems, that in general, transform liquid or pasty by-products, in new added value dehydrated products. To achieve that, EKONEK has developed two different drying systems.

First drying system is based on Pulse Combustion Drying technology: transforms liquids and complex concentrated pastes, instantaneously into powder, enhancing energy efficiency 20-30% better than spray dryers. That opens many new possibilities to valorize a wide range of by-products from different industries.

We have already many industrial references in the agrifood sector.

Second drying system is based in Spouted Bed Drying technology: transforms liquid or pasty organic wastes (digestates, liquid manures, sludges, …) into 1-4 mm diameter hard dry spherical granules, that means, same format as commercial mineral fertilizers.

EKONEK is part of ETXETAR Group. ETXETAR manufactures advanced equipment and delivers turn-key systems and maintenance services in 4 continents.


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