About the company

DURAFIX began its activity in June 1992, dedicated to the industrial sector.
The company is located in a highly industrialized environment, in the Basque Country, in northern Spain.

In 2011, the team was completed with new professionals who guarantee continuity and who bring their extensive experience in the pneumatic transport sector and the handling of solids bulk products.

As a result, DURAFIX can offer more than 25 years of experience in pneumatic conveying and handling of solid bulk products.
For the main components of our systems, DURAFIX has a network of local suppliers of high quality and proven experience.


  • All pneumatic conveying systems:
    – Dense phase
    – Diluted Phase
    – High pressure
    – Low pressure
    – Pressure
    – Aspiration
  • Mechanical and aero-mechanical conveyors (HiWay)Rotary alveolar valves
  • Diverter valves, filters, machinery and components for handling bulk solids
  • Water mist cannons for dust suppression (Hennlich)


Aero Transportadores




Componentes para instalaciones de transportes

Componentes para la manipulación / tratamiento de graneles sólidos

Componentes para silos

Descargadores de BIG-BAG

Descargadores de sacos

Elevador para graneles sólidos


Equipos de desempolvado

Husillos sin fin


Ingeniería y construcción de instalaciones para sólidos a granel

Instalación Llave en Mano

Mangas telescópicias de carga para buques camiones y acopios


Silos de pesaje


Sistema de dosificación y pesaje

Sistema dosificador gravimétrico

Sistemas de elevación en vertical de materiales sólidos

Sistemas de transporte neumático


Transportador tubular de arrastre


Transportadores de arrastre

Transportadores de cadenas

Transportadores de disco

Transportadores por vacío de sólidos

Transporte aeromecánico

Transporte neumático

Transporte neumático de graneles sólidos

Transporte por presión

Válvulas rotativas y alveolares

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