About the company

COSCOLLOLA is a family-owned business with over 60 years of experience in the sector and a strong activity in the Spanish and Portuguese markets, specially in the automotive, packaging, electric/electronic material sectors and also compounding and extrusion.

Our engineering service, under the name of COSCOLLOLA ENGINEERING, offers the development of tailored solutions for the solids handling (granza, powderand flakes):

  • Vertical Storage
  • Mechanical and pneumatic transport
  • Dosing systems
  • Homogenization of materials
  • Systems for dust collection
  • Processes in continuous and/or batch

We collaborate with you in the basic and detailed engineering, taking care of the planning , organization, management and installation control, and its commissioning.


BIG-BAG Unloaders

Dosing and weighing system

Engineering and construction of solids and bulk materials plants

Gravimetric dosing system


Magnetic separators


Pneumatic Transport

Pneumatical conveying system

Powder transfer systems

Silos and Bunkers

Silos of weighing

Solids vacuum conveyors

Unloaders of powders (vessels, silos, trucks, etc)

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