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ASSEMBLY is 100% specialised in conveyor systems for materials or industrial products, with interesting approaches of services both for the modernisation of existing production lines and for new project manufacturing.

We are experts in projects of intelligent modernisation of conveyor production lines and systems for all kinds of goods and industrial products. With our projects all of our clients could improve their production and transport system lines with no need for big investments and required solution will be implemented gradually, by limiting production stops as much as possible.

In ASSEMBLY, we have a wide experience in designing and manufacturing custom-built systems to convey vertical and horizontally all kinds of materials and products, with a high degree of modularisation and standardisation. Thanks to our engineering know-how, our added value services and our wide range of systems and components of the main brands in the market, we can always provide a solution for any conveyor system of materials or industrial products, in a variety of sectors and projects.

We are experts in: Modernization and modular projects in coveying systems, conveyor belts, modulars, PVC, Rollers and Curve Way by gravity or motorized.


Aeromechanical transport

Bag unloaders

Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors

Bucket elevators

Bucket elevators

Chain conveyors

Components for transport plants


Drag conveyors



Engineering and construction of solids and bulk materials plants

Engineering plants


Mixing belt

Plant construction

Recycling plants

Roller Conveyors

Vertical lift systems of solid materials

Weighing belt

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