AINIA centro tecnológico

About the company

AINIA Technology Centre offers customized solutions to support business competitiveness. Develops innovative initiatives that enable companies to improve productivity and operational efficiency.

A multidisciplinary team of 200 professionals working in R & D, innovation, laboratories, training activities, supercritical fluid industrial plant and advice in food legislation, as guaranteed response for every need.

AINIA offers companies its 12,000 m2 of facilities with over 10 versatile pilot plants.AINIA is at the forefront of technology in terms of automation of monitoring processes and systems cleaning and disinfection.

The centre is a reference in Spain in hygienic design of facilities and equipment to ensure the quality and safety of products along the value chain (AINIA is the Spanish member of the international network EHEDG).

AINIA assists companies in the management of traceability and advises on compliance with quality and safety standards set by the competent bodies.


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