Techsolids Seminar for the Ceramics Industry

Techsolids® with the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC) organized a Techsolids® Seminar for the Ceramics Industry. Collaborate the following entities: ATC: Spanish Association of Technical Ceramics; Diputacion of Castellón: Ceramics Promotion Area ; ASEBEC: Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Machinery [...]

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It has held an Extraordinary General Assembly of Techsolids®

On 17 July in L'Hospitalet (Barcelona) was celebrated the Extraordinary General Assembly of Techsolids where was approved the budget and the activities plan for the year 2014 and was ratified the Foundation Board and Techsolids management done by PROFEI SL.

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Agreement obetween the journal INDUSTRIA QUIMICA and Techsolids

The July-August 2014 issue of the journal INDUSTRIA QUIMICA will include a monographic related to the "solids handling" and the company Publisher has agreed with Techsolids that tha association members will be able to write Technical articles free of charge, [...]

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Techsolids be part of the Editorial Advisory Board of the PROYECTOS QUIMICOS magazine

The editor of the PROYECTOS QUIMICOS magazine has decided to create an Editorial Advisor board to analize the content and publication texts and to make proposals for technology-related with Solids. The representative of the Association in this Advisory Council in [...]

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